My first pink and whites

After watching Tammy Taylor videos

for the last three days and getting ready for my first pink and white set. I would have to say at first I did start with the unfavored hand or her least favored hand is the hand that you usually start with and the pinky. I noticed from the first two pearls that I placed, I had to pull off and redo.

Tammy Taylor products are very good products and so far is the only products that I want to perfect. I’m sure most are similar to the same just different size powders from what I understand. Any case I still like it.

The temperature of the salon is something I am getting used to, my practice sets were on point where I was able to twist the brush for the smile line and it came out perfect but on a nail it was something different. This definitely means I need to practice more.

The next pink and white that I do of course I’m talking about acrylics. I am going to use the tool for the smile line regardless whether or not I can do the twist of the brush or not I am still using the metal smiling tool.

I’m not experienced enough to pull off the push and twist the brush and haven’t perfected it but that doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna still practice. I’m still gonna practice using the Tammy Taylor form sheet that she suggests to practice with at least 50 nails a day.

As you can see in the picture above there’s no smile line, it’s just a straight across. I did add the Tammy Taylor French chocolate gel polish to highlight the white even though it really didn’t need it. I really wish I would’ve done the tool this is a regret that I did! All in all I give myself a C+ as a grade because I still have to practice to become a master at this.

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