Earn points get Free nail art

Who: We offer in house rewards for your services you purchase. At the time of a in house manicure or pedicure procedure earn points by simply having letting us reward you with FREE nail art on the 10th manicure or pedicure purchase.

If that wasn’t enough, we also send out coupons and push notifications letting you know what each weeks specials are.

What: The premise of the Nail Manicurist point system is to simply say thank you from us. The loyalty does not go unrecognized therefore when you get a manicure or pedicure from us in the Vancouver, Washington salon you will receive free nail art at our cost not yours. We have foil, chrome, stamp art, water colors and yes simple hand drawn art for you to display on your nails.

Why: The best thing is FREE you really can not beat that!

When: When you get your first Manicure or Pedicure we will enter your point within the app, do nine (9) of those and receive the (10) tenth one free for nail art at our Vancouver, Washington location. Your choice of FREE foil, chrome, stamp art, water color or a custom hand drawn and painted nail art. Please send us a picture of the nail art you would like straight from the app. Go to “hello” and post your image of the nail art you would like us to do.

Where: Vancouver, Washington Orchards area Hyde park.