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Reason for Clients ~
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The main reasons why anyone would download a Nail Manicurist app are to find a salon, book an appointment, and access special promotions and discounts.

The app can also provide helpful information about the services offered, such as descriptions of the different types of manicures and pedicures available. Additionally, the app can provide reviews and ratings of salons, so customers can make an informed decision about where to go for their manicure or pedicure.

A customer would want to be close to their nail manicurist because: It allows them to build a relationship with their manicurist.


Having a close relationship with their manicurist can: Help the customer feel more comfortable and relaxed during their appointment.

Reason for Nail Manicurists / technitians~

A nail manicurist/technitian would want to download the nail manicurist app because: It provides a convenient way to manage their business.

The app allows manicurists to: Easily book appointments, manage their client list, and track their income. Additionally, the app provides access to helpful resources such as tutorials, product reviews, and industry news.

Nail Manicurist

Tell us, did you win or is there something else?

    Industry Standard Price list.

    Attention Manicurists, the price list below is the industry standard starting out price list. Your experience should be priced accordingly based on the quality of your work.

    We will walk you through our salon and take you to the station.


    Time to relax sit down and let us take care of your nails.

    Removal based on your experience should take no longer than, at the most 35 minutes.


    WE at our salon do not believe in nickle and diming our clients we do NOT charge for other salons product removal.

    Next step using a Gel Clear Nail Strengthener


    Depending on your nails, nail strengthener may be needed. We use Tammy Taylor products only because we believe in the product and no we are NOT sponsored by Tammy Taylor.

    Two coats of Gel colorant


    Download the Nail Manicurist app and send us a image of what you want in advance so we can give you the best quality nail art possible.

    Top Coat


    Our application on this step is something you will appreciate and will experience less chipping and broken nails.

    Final Step


    Get ready because you are just about ready to enjoy your beautify paint job.

    Meet and Greet


    Give you a tour of the salon and have your seated at your nail station.

    Removal of any product and prepare for Gel Nail Strengthener (base coat)


    any other product other than ours we charge $15 for

    Next step using a Gel Clear Nail Strengthener


    Our product that we use are amazing and will give your nails the longevity they deserve.

    Two coats of Gel colorant


    Download our Nail Manicurist app and send us a pic of what artwork you desire ahead of time that way we can give you the artwork you desire.

    Top Coat


    Get ready for a beautiful set and amazing no clump or lump set.

    Our finish and send off


    We will send you off enjoying your new set and have you booked for your next appointment.

    Sit down and enjoy your pedicure


    Relax and unwind with a pedicure, no worries let us do the work and enjoy the relaxation of the message chair, music of your choice and a no stress environment.

    Sanitize your clients feet


    Let your client enjoy the feeling of the jets of the spa, get them to relax this, should take no longer than a few minutes, remove calluses if need be. Apply a massage to both legs and begin to prepare for the pedicure.

    Gel base


    Apply your Gel Base Coat with obviously no water in the bowl. Your maximum amount of time on this even for a beginner should be no longer than five minutes for all ten toes.

    Two coats Gel Colorants


    Apply two coats colorants should be no longer than ten minutes

    Gel Top Coat


    Our steps are simple and they work for the longevity of the duration of your nail growth.

    Finishing standard pediure procedure


    Is for you to be wanting to come back for more.

    Meet and greet


    Grab yourself a refresher with our customer fridge and a snack sit back and let us do our work



    once you take off your shoes and soak your beautiful feet in the water basin we then start our process if you have any other product that has not been done by us, we charge $15 for the removal

    File and shape


    our process is a file and shape of the nail then a cleaning to get started for the base coat process

    Two coats of Gel polish


    if you choose to add any art work it's an additional $5 a toe

    Top coat


    our top coat consists of a two step process and this is included in the price to give your toes the strength and durability to last 3-4 and possibly 5 weeks depending on your grow-out

    Massage and hot rock treatment


    relax with our hot rocks and a towel treatment along with a mud mask and a massage

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